Merry Christmas
Anderson Ranch
December 24, 2010
The Todd Anderson Family would like to Wish you a Merry Christmas and Great New Year!

It is our joy to celebrate the Christmas season with enthusiasm
For the redeemer, Jesus Christ, who sits on His throne, at the right hand of God the Father.
Not only does He sit on the throne as God,
But He hears us and wants to have a personal relationship with us.
This is God reconciling man to God, according to the Bible. 
Jesus Christ came to be our Savior, and has done all the work
In His coming to earth as the incarnate Christ (the perfect man),
Going to the cross of Calvery (where he died and paid the penalty for our sins),
Resurrected from the dead, and ascended back to His throne.
He is alive and wants to walk with us personally.  This is worth celebrating!

Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!
Todd, Rhonda and girls
Todd, Rhonda, Stacey and Jodi
Todd with TRF best Buddy -  Rob Jorstad who is in Military flying helicopters.
Rob called the turkey in and Todd shot it.
Dad and Daughter Stacey hold the turkey dad shot
Stacey shot her first tom turkey at our Decatur Ranch
Jodi at her county goat show
Stacey running barrels at a Rodeo in Texas, she took second
Jodi, Kelly, Stacey and Aaron.  Kelly/Aaron - Grant and Kim's kids (girls cousins)
Jodi and Stacey with John Wayne impersonator at Church
Todd picking up a placement ribbon at Lab Retriever Field Trial in South Texas. AKC Master Title for Chase (Lab)
Lease in Throckmorton, TX
Stacey with her pointer and some pheasants from Texas Pandhandle trip.