Growing up in northern MN in some great bird hunting country, one of my passions was   hunting upland game birds with gundogs.  Not any gundog - the best bloodlines, good looking and intelligent hunters.  I can't remember when my standard for exceptional gundogs and what I wanted them to be was any less than my standard today.

Through the years, many people engaged in the finding of trained gundogs and exceptional gundog prospects have relied on me to help them.  This is something I enjoy doing for others and has prompted me to put together a straight forward honest package to a few avid gundog enthusiasts each year. 

From choosing the best available and proven bloodlines, socializing the pup with my family and all of our activities (getting the pup started right), to kindergarten training program through the finished gundog and time behind the gundog hunting him. 

I've got a standard that I will continue to promote & produce in each of these gundogs that we put in this gundog package or they do not get sold to you.  It's a simple old school business philosophy - my word is my guarantee.  You will get a gundog that is everything we have promoted here with Anderson's Classic Gundogs.

This is a hands on raising and training program that is very tight.  We live with these dogs day in and day out - my family knows how to handle each of these pups/gundogs in all areas of their lives.  My wife and girls have been groomed to handle our dogs to instill good habits and avoid situations to instill bad habits. 

Lastly,  putting out great gundogs is one of my passions.  But the greater passion is serving the Lord Jesus Christ and pleasing Him in all that I do.  We hope that our practices and what we say and do for you reflects this.

Todd E. Anderson

Todd Anderson
& Rhonda Anderson
Trainers Commitment
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Todd, Zorra & Austin